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Frequently Asked Questions 


Maybe it's been awhile since your last self care session or maybe you are new to this journey. Either way we want to put your mind at ease and answer some of the questions you may have. 

Do I HAVE to take ALL of my clothes off? 

This is probably the #1 question that therapists hear with every new client. Our response is always "dress to your comfort level." It is all about you being comfortable on the massage table. We have clients that are comfortable taking everything off. We have clients that are more comfortable leaving underwear on. A couple of things to keep in mind: 

Whether or not you keep your underwear on or off won't change anything we do. Any glute or hip work that is required or requested will always be done over the sheet. 

We change the sheets and face cradle covering between each client. 

We practice conservative draping. All female clients will always be covered from the top of their chest to the top of their thighs throughout the massage. All male clients will always be covered from mid abdomen to the top of thighs during their entire session.

Only areas with exposed skin can be massaged with lotion. If you choose to leave certain articles of clothing on your therapist can use techniques designed more for chair massages, but traditional gliding techniques associated with body massage require lotion. 

How early should I arrive? 

At A Focused Touch Day Spa we understand that everyone's needs are different when it comes to their self care session. We ask that you arrive at least 10 min early to give yourself the opportunity to check in with our receptionist, prepay for your session if you wish, use the restroom and fill out your custom session card. We also offer all of our clients the opportunity to slip into a luxurious robe and slippers and sit in our quiet room and enjoy some hot tea, infused water and soak up the ambiance before their session. If you choose to take advantage of our quiet room please arrive as early as you like. 

I'm so self concious about my body (too fat, too skinny, too hairy, not hairy enough). I feel like I will be secretly judged and criticized. 

Sadly, this is one of the main reasons why individuals never seek out massage therapy. As massage therapists we are empathetic to your feelings of being self-conscious about your body. Many of us struggle with the same feelings. At A Focused Touch Day Spa we believe that every BODY needs and deserves self care and we feel privileged to be on that journey of mental, physical and emotional health with you. During your session I can guarantee that you will not feel judged or criticized. During your session we are consumed with thoughts of making sure you are comfortable, safe, pain free and relaxed. No matter what your size or body shape, your muscles are all the same. :)

Should I shave my legs, get a pedicure, wax my back, wax my chest...etc...etc?

Again, it's all about YOU being comfortable and anxiety free on the massage table. It is DEFINITLEY not required and won't change anything about your seession on our end. 

Is it (or should it be) painful? 

It is our goal at A Focused Touch Day Spa that your session be pain free. When pain receptors are triggered it makes massage counterproductive. We will do our best to customize your session to your desires for pressure but only if we feel your body responding in a positive way. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable when your therapist is working on an area that is chronically tight or working out knots, but we always ask and encourage you to speak up if you feel any focused or radiating pain. 

Am I supposed to talk or am I supposed to be quiet? 

This is one of those questions that almost everyone wonders and hardly anyone asks. Let us put your mind at ease. It's TOTALLY up to you! We have clients that like to chit chat the entire time and we have clients that only speak up when we check in about pressure and comfort. Our therapists are trained to take their cues from you. Everyone is different when it comes to their self care session. Again, this is YOUR session. You can talk, not talk, snore, moan or sigh. Just keep breathing. :)

What if something embarrassing happens like I pass gas or get aroused? 

Again, one of those questions everyone wonders and no one asks.....well, some people ask.  First, DON'T be embarrassed. We're not embarrassed and you shouldn't be either. It won't be the first time or the last time it has happened, we promise. The body responds in all kinds of different ways when it comes to positive touch, increased circulation and blood flow and relaxation. There's no need to apologize or draw attention to it. It happens.

What happens after my session ends? 

At the end of your session your therapist will have water waiting for you to encourage hydration. You may then choose between resting in the quiet room with tea or infused water or returning to the restroom to change and conclude your experience. If you haven't already, make sure you stop by the reception desk and book your next session! 

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